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Parisian-born Japanese artist Santa Inoue a. It has gained a cult following since its original release in , and has been re-issued multiple times from various publishers. In addition to his comic book work, Inoue is often commissioned to produce original artwork for advertising and music album covers. Inoue also has an original clothing line Santastic! Wear and toy brand Santastic! Gangu, both of which are available at his flagship store, opened in , in the Shibuya district of Tokyo and some retailers in Japan.

Bio: Jennifer Messman is a freelancer currently working on various small projects including a book illustration. She has been a professional animator for 10 plus years and has worked on a variety of Tv and Game titles including such game titles as Honorbound, Snoopy Pop and My Vegas slots. Jennifer has a variety of experiences which have aided in her ability to produce fun high quality fan friendly art to entertain the masses.

She has also created a fantastic brand in Gorgeousladiesofcosplay. This branding has helped create a fun safe environment for cosplayers to be part of the art process. She uses cosplayers as her models instead of more traditional reference.

Incorporating them into the process has allowed her to bring her art to life with live cosplayers next to the art they have been models for. Having designed characters for multiple studios, owing his own company, Silvertoons, Inc. He is the author of 10 published books on the Art of sketching, conquering artistic struggles, Character design, Caricature and Life Drawing. Dean Yeagle has spent most of his career in animation, and since has had his own animation and art studio, Caged Beagle Productions.

Mike Mayhew is a world-renowned illustrator who creates some of the most exciting images in comics today. Mike specializes in photo-realism, and intense rendering of dynamic subjects. His studio is in Glendale, California. Mike began to pencil comic pages for DC Comics in Producing, Directing, animating, layouts, storyboarding, development and writing. Inspired to create characters and worlds that have not existed before, Gary now works as a conceptual designer, art director and illustrator in the Animation and Movie Industry. Joe: The Movie , Warner Bros.

He has also taught classes on visual development design, lectured on art, design and self-publishing, and has had over 50 group and solo exhibitions promoting his personal artwork. Donald F. He was a monster-magazine editor e. Currently he is regularly writing comics scripts for The Creeps magazine and has just written and edited a graphic novel based on his movie Tales of Frankenstein. Wild Style-inspired graffiti covers every surface of this world as the true grit of pre-Giuliani New York is captured among the pages of this graphic novel. They are on the cusp of the b-boy hero movement but first they must take on the status quo that has been misleading New York City.

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Darryl Makes Comics is dedicated to the idea that every walk of life has heroes and stories worth telling. Frank Forte is an artist, writer, and storyboard artist. Frank is also the publisher of Asylum Press an indie graphic novel and comic book publisher. Inspired by a steady diet of classic cartoons, comics and horror films, Frank Forte continues to explore the realm of disturbed characters that seem trapped in a nightmarish animated world.

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  • However Erik has been known for his Indy Artist work. The series debuted with a sell-out one week before release and went to a second printing. Danny Miki currently calls DC Comics home. Recent inkworks include Batman, Superman, and Damage. Currently working on the Joker: Year of the Villain.

    Vietnam and The Sixties, The Sixties 2

    Growing up, she was an avid comic book collector and sci-fi reader which provided her with inspiration for her darkly humorous stories and frequently outrageous characters. An ex pro football player and weight lifter, Tommy Rice is a geek at heart. The Iron Author as he has been dubbed, because his love for weights and fitness, enjoys everything fantasy steampunk comic and sci fi.

    Now no longer in sports he has taken his passions and crafted them into his first book, the Lok. He is on the top ten list in good reads and has all five star reviews on Amazon. One of his fans described the book as a combination of Star Wars, Lord of the rings, Harry Potter and the Avengers smashed together and put in a Victorian era World War 1. The Lok is the first book in the Partha Wars series. Book two is coming soon! Eddie deAngelini is a long time comic book fan, collector and creator.

    The comic can be found at www. SpectroliteAAA is a full time Youtuber in the form of the arts, making speedpaints and animations. Be sure to stop by and say hello to this little artist for she is fun and bubbly. Gilchrist returned the strip to the simple, yet impactful, illustration style introduced by Bushmiller.

    He experienced a meteoric rise at Top Cow, most notably as the inker of The Darkness and co-creator of Ascension. The series filled with dragons, mermaids, unicorns and other mythical creatures first released in and has grown to a great degree. So much so that Tim has all of his books written in screenplay format and is currently creating concept art, character art and storyboards for his books.

    Notable, artists that have contributed to her work are — J. Ancient Dreams the novel is slated for release in Kenneth Rocafort is currently an illustrator, concept designer and cover artist. Rocafort is also known in the industry for his odd paneling layouts, character design and his sketchbook Mitografia.

    Ryan Kincaid is currently a cover artist in the industry.

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    He is also the creator, cover artist, writer, and interior artist for his self published hit Persuasion. Having 2 largely successful Kickstarter campaigns along with multiple creations for other campaigns, you can find his work on just about everything. Logan will be drawing commissions and have works for sale, including original pages.

    Drop by and please ask about his upcoming film and publishing projects. He lives and works in North Hollywood, CA. Zack Morrissette is a cartoonist and man about town who hails from parts unknown.

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    • His Patronus is John Wick. He teaches comic book workshops throughout Los Angeles, as well as lecturing at colleges and museums on Latino comics.

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      In he co-founded the Latino Comics Expo. Scott Koblish is an American comic-book artist that has worked on more than books for Marvel and DC Comics as a penciller and an inker. Steve is also a founding member of Helioscope, the largest studio of comic book artists in North America. He lives in Portland, Oregon. Unicornatopia is the magical brigade of crafty artists that are changing the world one Unicorn at a time! Consisting of eccentric girls, everything Unicornatopia produces are guaranteed to be handcrafted originals, not to mention they create annual exclusive Posters for LA Comic Con.

      Unicornatopia hopes their wearable accessories and original art will bring joy and a phantasmagorical experience to all! He started out as Image Comics first rookie working on the highly successful Extreme Studios Brigade series. He also freelances as a sought after cover artist for such publishers as Marvel, Idw, Coffin Comics and Dynamite. Rick Farmiloe has been animating childhoods for over 30 years, and is best known for breathing hilarity into iconic Disney sidekicks Scuttle, LeFou, and Abu in the beloved Academy Award-winning films The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin.

      At age twelve, after years of creating his own cartoons for family and friends, Rick was determined to be a Disney animator. In January , after only one portfolio review, he was hired by Walt Disney Productions. He currently lives and works in the beautiful Lake Arrowhead area. During his more than 30 years as a professional artist, Phil has worked on everything from daily newspaper comic strips Bugs Bunny to layouts and character design for animated cartoons, including The Simpsons, where Phil had a hand in the look of about characters on the longest running comedy series in television history.

      Phil Ortiz has won 5 awards for his work in TV animation and has been drawing for The Simpsons comic books for many years. Animation, Ruby Spears, and many other animation studios in his long career. Ambrose Quintanilla is the lead writer and cartoonist for Gopher-it Comics. Make sure to follow Gopher-it Comics at facebook.

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      Opting to pursue his passion for writing, Neo transitioned into the creative side of the film and TV industry as a screenwriter for film and animation, a comic book writer. I was born in a caravan by the sea in Portsmouth, England. It was sometime in the year Then we moved to Coventry, where I grew up. Later on I started trying to earn a living as an illustrator. I tried to create what I thought was a better kind of imagery for rock music than the rubbish that was current at the time.

      The series of album covers and other designs that I painted for Iron Maiden became the most popular album covers of all time, they won awards in every country in which they were released. A book of my work was published by an iron maiden fan and I started selling posters and prints of some of my work.