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More about The indigenous grasses of New Zealand. Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, Octavo, paperback, text illustrations.

Grassland Ecology

A standard reference providing a comprehensive overview of the grass family to generic level. More about Genera Graminum: grasses of the world. Richmond: Royal Botanic Gardens, Octavo, softcover. The Pacific Ocean is the most expansive geographical feature on Earth. Included in its domain are thousands of atolls, smaller islands and, depending on how its boundaries are defined, several larger islands and island groups. Members of the grass family, Poaceae, are almost More about A key to Pacific grasses.

Quarto, laminated boards, black and white illustrations. More about Monocots comparative biology and evolution: Volume two, Poales. Washington DC: Island Press, Throughout its history, Kruger National Park in South Africa has supported connections between science and management.


This work places the scientific and management experience in Kruger within the framework of modern ecological theory and its practical applications. More about The Kruger experience: ecology and management of savanna heterogeneity. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, Quarto, colour photographs, fine copy in dustwrapper.

Each section of the book begins with a thorough overview by Wishart, while O'Brien - a wildlife biologist More about Great plains: America's lingering wild. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Quarto, laminated boards, colour photographs, maps, diagrams. Grasslands constitute a major biome on all continents excluding Antarctica and also represent the most important food crop on Earth with corn, wheat, maize, rice and millet accounting for the majority of our agricultural output.


Grasses and Grassland More about Grasses and grassland ecology. Octavo, softover. The sedge family, Cyperaceae, is the third largest family of monocotyledonous plants. They are of significant economic importance, especially among rural communities in the tropics, where sedges are intensively used. The World Checklist of Cyperaceae is a unique resource that lists all validly More about World checklist of Cyperaceae: Sedges. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, Now in its third edition, this book allows botanists, farmers and naturalists to easily identify Britain's native grasses.

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Detailed information is given on their structure, distribution and various uses. More about Grasses: a guide to their structure, identification, uses, and distribution in the British Isles.

Chipping Norton: Surrey Beatty, Octavo, paperback, colour photographs, black and white illustrations, maps. In Australia only 0. More about Australia's most threatened ecosystems: the southeastern lowland native grasslands. Helena: Falcon Press, Quarto, photographs, fine copy in dustwrapper.

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  • Tuatara: Volume 19, Issue 1, November 1971.

More about Tall grass prairie. Octavo, text illustrations, fine set in dustwrappers. Volumes 43, 44A and 44B. Poaceae: introduction and atlas [part one]. An introduction to grasses and grass biology. Also includes an atlas with over maps showing the distribution of native and naturalised species occurring in Australia.

Volume 44A Octavo, text illustrations, dustwrapper. Volume 43 provides an introduction to grasses and grass biology. More about Flora of Australia, volume Poaceae: introduction and atlas [part one. Octavo, text illustrations, fine copy in paperback. Volume 44B of the acclaimed Flora of Australia series covers the subfamilies Arundinoideae, Danthonoideae, Aristidoideae, Micrairoideae and Choridoideae. It describes a mixture of tropical and temperate grasses and includes a number of economically and environmentally important groups, such as: Triodia - iconic More about Flora of Australia, volume 44B.

Poaceae: Centothecoideae, Chloridoideae [part three. Octavo, text illustrations, fine copy, softcover. Grasses and Grassland Ecology David J. Gibson has published over 90 papers in scientific journals, most dealing with grasses or grasslands.

Grassland Ecosystem

Grasses and grassland ecology David J. Systematics and evolution. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series.

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    They are dominated by members of the Poaceae - the fourth largest plant family with over 7, species, and also the most widespread. Grasslands constitute a major biome on all continents except Antarctica and also represent the most important food crop on Earth with corn, wheat, maize, rice and millet accounting for the majority of our agricultural output.

    Grasses and Grassland Ecology provides an ecologically orientated introduction to this influential group of plants, summarizing the most recent scientific research in ecology and agriculture in the context of the older, classic literature.

    Grasses and Grassland Ecology

    Ten chapters cover the morphology, anatomy, physiology and systematics of grasses, their population, community and ecosystem ecology, their global distribution, and the effects of disturbance and grassland management. This comprehensive and accessible textbook is suitable for graduate level students as well as professional researchers in the fields of plant ecology, rangeland science, crop science, and agriculture. Table of contents Preface ; 1. Introduction ; 2.